We take very seriously Christ’s admonition to spread the Good News of his ministry and soon coming and to help our neighbors as we can. To aid in doing these things, we support a few ministries.

Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

Sabbath Keepers is a Christian motorcycle ministry committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone we have the opportunity to come in contact with. Started here in Hollister several years ago, it currently has 18 chapters in nine states and in Canada, and continues to grow.

Click here to visit the Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry website.


You can’t do just one thing; every action has consequences, and affect other things around us. In the same way, a church can’t do just one thing, and it shouldn’t, because we have more than just spiritual needs; we are also affected by physical, emotional, intellectual, and other factors.

Seminars4Life addresses these other needs, as well as how they correspond with spiritual needs of the individual, in areas such as health, lifestyle, depression, marriage and family matters.

Click here to visit the Seminars4Life website.